It all started with an English magazine and a long article on Asian wallpapers.
Then over the years the study and the passion has led more and more to inform and read up.

The desire to use them in every corner of the house has made known to the old methods of production even when the wallpaper was made in paper.
Our wallpapers are inspired by the most ancient tradition dating back to the XII century, when Europe began importing rice paper from China. Europe was in fact the first to develop the original practice of painting and decorating paper either by hand or with complex handcrafted rolls, and then applying it directly onto the walls.
More modern and versatile than tapestry, wallpaper became a fundamental decorating element in the homes of the new rising bourgeoisie.
Today, by using modern printers and a lighter paper, we are re-introducing the concept of wallpaper, adding a romantic touch, which makes it the perfect way to transform your home.

All our wallpapers are printed on real sheets of paper.
Each package consists of 8 SHEETS of special paper, measuring 70 cm x 100 cm for a total coverage area of 5.5 m2. Each individual sheet includes the entire print sequence and is therefore very simple to position.

Vintage flare, sophisticated quality of the materials, whimsical colors are some of the qualities setting this product apart from any other traditional wallpaper.
Immerse yourself in a world of history, tradition, skilled use of natural materials, personalized prints, all for a very convenient price.
You might even have fun installing it yourself, by learning the simple techniques that wallpaper installers have been traditionally using for over 400 years.


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